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Drew Merritt

Born on the outskirts of Clovis, New Mexico, Merritt lived and worked on a farm, fostering a deep emotional connection to nature and began his work as an artist.

Drew Merritt aspires to earn the title of artist, and he works hard to convey a broad spectrum of feelings. Feelings like Loneliness, vanity, and even contentment. He paves a highway into the emotional world (visually) by creating empathy in the viewer. The use of vivid colors, and his almost graphic style, creates a visual biography around the subject, showing who they are, and where they’ve been. His ever-changing body of work utilizes a vast array of mediums and textures, while putting classic subjects in a contemporary setting.

Drew, and his work, has been described as: Contemporary • Modern • Impressionistic • Abstract • Street and Graffiti Artist • Commissioned • Up and Coming • Independent • Unrepresented • Large Scale • Muralist • Iron and Metal Artist • Sculptural • Multi-media • Mixed-media • Children Book artist • Self-represented

Graffiti covered cargo trains passed before the eyes of the budding artist and indefinitely inspired him to pursue a career underground, against the law, and creating his place in a hybrid culture, between rural and urban. Graffiti culture in itself is clandestine. Merritt’s subject matter, however, is seen with hope and determination of contemporary players in a positive, light fashion. The juxtaposition of these qualities yields a visually spectacular series of work. Drew is from New Mexico but now lives in Los Angeles.

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